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3 Major Qualities of Gluten Free Pizza You Must Know

gluten free pizza

Have you had to avoid regular pizza because the gluten doesn’t agree with you? You’re not alone.

We know our customers want delicious pizza regardless of whether it contains gluten or not. So, we offer fantastic gluten-free versions of our pizzas. We’re proud of our gluten-free offerings because, as you’ll read below, they offer at least three outstanding qualities. 

Gluten-Free Pizzas Can Help You Feel Better 

Gluten-free flours are necessary for people suffering from celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Fortunately, both conditions affect only a relatively small percentage of the population. However, a surprisingly large number of people who don’t have either condition, report feeling better when they avoid gluten.  

It’s not uncommon for people who skip gluten to report a boost in energy, a loss of weight, and less gastrointestinal distress. Some find that they have less joint pain, bloating, and headaches. Others say that they have fewer episodes of depression. 

We’re not doctors, just pizza makers, but if using gluten-free flour for our pizza will help our customers, we’re all for it. 

Gluten-Free Pizzas Can Break You Out of Your Food Comfort Zone 

Eating gluten-free pizza introduces your body to another world of healthy grains that you otherwise might have missed. Sampling various gluten-free flours expands your range of tastes. The experience can make you more adventurous with your eating choices. 

Researchers say that the more varied our diet, the more benefits we gain. So, introducing yourself to a number of gluten-free products can lead you to try other foods such as unfamiliar fruits and vegetables. In other words, trying gluten-free flours can be the stepping stone that leads to a healthier you.  

Gluten-Free Pizzas Can Be a Good Source of Needed Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Nutrients 

Gluten-free flours used for baking pizzas and other foods are a healthy alternative to white flour in more ways than people imagine. Most people think of gluten-free flours as simply a safe choice. They only think of using gluten-free flours as a way of avoiding certain health issues. 

But gluten-free flours offer so much more. They’re not a step down from white flour but, nutritionally, can be a step up. Look at the following 10 gluten-free flours and notice what they can add to your diet. 

  1. Almond flour, which is the most popular gluten-free flour, contains vitamin E and also has potassium and magnesium.
  2. Buckwheat flour, which is gluten-free despite its name, packs quite a few antioxidants and B vitamins.
  3. Sorghum flour boasts plenty of antioxidants along with a notable amount of protein and fiber.
  4. Amaranth flour is an excellent choice for additional phosphorous and selenium.
  5. Teff flour stands out by containing vitamin C. It’s also loaded with calcium.
  6. Arrowroot flour is a good go-to source for potassium.
  7. Brown rice flour features plenty of fiber and protein along with certain plant compounds that are thought to help fight heart disease.
  8. Oat flour delivers needed fiber to your body.
  9. Corn flour is another good source of fiber plus antioxidants.
  10. Chickpea flour can help boost your intake of protein as well as potassium and magnesium.

Order Your Gluten-Free Pizza Today 

Are you one of our customers who’s come to the conclusion that they had best avoid gluten? Have you been curious to try gluten-free pizza? Don’t hold back.

You’ll find that leading a gluten-free life doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love like pizza. Once you try our delicious gluten-free pizza, it’ll be sure to be one of your favorites.  

Are you ready to rethink what it means to be gluten-free? Order online for fast service. 

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