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5 Unknown Benefits of Homemade Vegan Pizza

homemade vegan pizza

Did you know that the retail food market has only grown 2% while the vegan food industry has grown over 11% in recent years?

Whether you’re plant-based due to food allergies, ethics, or losing weight, there are tons of reasons why more people are exploring veganism and flexitarianism. Thanks to the innovation within the vegan food industry, gone are the days where the only vegan option at restaurants is a boring salad.

Do you want to know how you can enjoy big, hearty, flavorful pizzas while still maintaining a healthy diet? Keep reading to learn about the 5 benefits of homemade vegan pizza.

1. You Can Have Extra Slices Without Any Guilt

The reason why traditional pizza pies are loaded with calories is because of the dairy cheese and meat toppings. When you pass on those animal products, you’re left with a lighter but more satisfying pizza since vegan pizza toppings are full of fiber.

Even if you opt to make your own decadent vegan cheese pizza with a dairy substitute, you’ll notice that vegan cheese has a lot fewer calories than its dairy counterparts.

2. Say Goodbye to Bloating and Sleepiness

Have you ever noticed how tired and thirsty you get after indulging in takeout? If you want to combat this, the good news is that homemade, takeout, and store-bought vegan pizzas all contain less salt and fat than traditional pizzas.

3. You’ll Have Fun Experimenting With Topping Combos

People still like to joke that vegans only eat grass, but the truth is there’s an exciting abundance of vegan pizza toppings to choose from. In addition to all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that have always been an option, vegans can now also add cheese substitutes and even plant-based meats. Any pizza you used to love before going vegan can easily be recreated in a healthier way.

4. Vegan Pizza Is Easy to Customize for Your Unique Goals

Do you want to lose weight, eat more vegetables, put on muscle mass, or avoid gluten? No matter what your unique health goals are, vegan pizza can be made to complement your lifestyle.

For example, Celiacs can enjoy a vegan cauliflower pizza crust while dieters can load up on tons of fruits and veggies to create a filling pie that doesn’t contain a bunch of calories.

5. Vegan Food Contains No Cholesterol

One of the coolest benefits of being a vegan is that plant-based foods never contain cholesterol. If you’re someone who’s worried about their heart health, you can eat your way toward a more mindful lifestyle without saying goodbye to classic comfort foods.

Do You Want to Enjoy the Taste of Homemade Vegan Pizza Without All the Work?

If you’re hungry after reading about the benefits of eating homemade vegan pizza, the good news is that you can enjoy the flavors and healthy nutrients without doing the work.

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1011 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90006