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Best Toppings to Compliment Gluten Free Pizza

homemade gluten free pizza

Did you know that more than three million Americans avoid gluten in their daily diet?

Whether you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, the sudden rise in demand for gluten-free products has brought the joy of eating back to people who can’t have wheat. Instead of skipping out on your favorite dishes or settling for dry, crumbly alternatives, there are plenty of amazing meals that can be made gluten-free—like pizza.

Are you ready to make pizza night your favorite day of the week? Keep reading to learn about seven mouthwatering toppings that will pair perfectly with a homemade gluten-free pizza.

1. Pepperoni

Pepperoni will always be the champion topping of traditional and gluten-free pizzas alike. Pepperoni is salty, crispy, and succulent, which means any pie can turn decadent with a few slices of this cured meat.

2. Peppers

If you want to learn about the best pizza topping combos, it’s helpful to know that fresh peppers pair well with almost any other topping out there. Green peppers have a slight bitterness while red peppers are sweet and taste divine when roasted.

3. Chicken

People who want to add more body to their gluten-free pizza crust without overloading on calories should consider chopping up some chicken to throw on top.

Unlike other meaty toppings, chicken has a neutral taste that blends with dozens of unique flavors. It also packs a ton of protein without adding too much fat or salt.

4. Mushrooms

No veggie-lovers pizza is ever complete without a hefty serving of mushrooms. Sautéed mushrooms are tender, earthy, and wholesome, which means you can enjoy their meaty texture without eating any animal products.

5. Fresh Basil

Fresh basil is one of the best gluten-free pizza toppings because it adds freshness without the bitterness of other leafy greens. In addition to its big flavor, fresh basil makes everything smell incredible.

6. Pineapple

People love to hate on pineapple pizza, but this survey revealed that only 24% of people actually dislike the topping. Whether pineapple is your secret guilty pleasure or you’re an avid fan, pineapple can add a welcome sweetness and juiciness to your pizza.

7. Sausage

Do you love the saltiness of pepperoni and the juiciness of chicken? If so, sausage can be the perfect balance for you. Thick sausage crumbles will boost your protein intake and provide the perfect savory flavor to your pie.

Are You Craving Takeout That’s Just as Good as Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza?

Now that you know about the best toppings for your homemade gluten-free pizza, you can get ready to indulge.

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1011 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90006