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What is the Secret to a Great Vegan Pizza?

Long Beach pizza company, Proper Pizza, is proud to offer great vegan pizza.

What makes a vegan pizza so good?

Vegan Pizza

Vegan pizza is generally known as being a healthier option than traditional pizza, but it also tastes just as good. In order to make a great vegan pizza, you need to make it with fresh ingredients and make sure that there is the perfect amount for each ingredient. Many people get vegan pizza wrong because they do not allocate the ingredients properly and bake it correctly. Proper Pizza, Long Beach pizza, has been making vegan pizza for years and has vast experience in doing it the right way.

Why You Should Try Vegan Pizza

There are many reasons to try the fantastic vegan pizza from Proper Pizza. We are very experienced in working with all of the right ingredients for vegan pizza. For one, vegan pizza will always be healthier than a traditional pizza, which is a major plus. The great taste plus the fresh ingredients and healthy aspect make the vegan pizza from Proper Pizza an excellent option. The endless fresh ingredients and healthy options make vegan pizza from Proper Pizza one of the best choices for health conscious pizza eaters.
New Long Beach Location

Already being in Downtown LA, Proper Pizza has decided to expand to the nearby beach city of Long Beach. Proper Pizza is giving the vegan pizza experience to the people of Long Beach and all of Southern California. Proper Pizza makes a new york style pizza that makes even seasoned New Yorkers ask for more.

About Proper Pizza

At Proper Pizza we know that great pizza starts with fresh ingredients. If you are searching for authentic New York style pizza, we are your home! Our newest location in Long Beach is now open for delivery & pickup at 1388 Daisy Avenue, Suite 23, Long Beach, CA 90813. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates!

Take Out & Delivery Restaurant
1011 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90006