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Calzone vs Pizza: Which Is Better?

calzone vs pizza

According to research, there are currently over 77,000 pizzeria joints located in the US. Pizza is not only one of America’s favorite snack foods, but it is also one of the most favorite snack foods in the entire world.

Perhaps why pizza is so popular is because of its versatility. Choosing your toppings is like a choose your own adventure journey, both delicious and exciting.

However, there is a little-known secret in the pizza world, that not many people even know about it, called calzones. 

When you devour your first calzone, you may ponder whether calzone vs pizza is your new favorite food, as once you discover calzones, your mind may change! 

We decided to create this article to help you blast through your internal debate between calzone vs pizza, so keep on reading to settle this once and for all!

What is a Calzone?

A calzone is similar to a pizza, but instead of a flat pie with toppings, it is folded over with the toppings inside. Kind of like a big pizza hug. If you ever liked pizza pockets as a child, this is like Pizza Pockets on steroids. 

The crust on calzones is typically thicker, with a nice, dense flavor and irresistible texture. The toppings (or fillings) can be the same as a pizza, yet the flavor may seem different because it is wrapped in delicious dough.

The calzone originated in 1929, in a little pizza parlor located in Naples. They decided to fold the pizza dough over, and voila! A calzone was born. 

Originally, they only filled it with ricotta, mozzarella, and a small handful of toppings. Yet now, calzones can be a very tasty and creative treat. 

Pizza Vs Calzone 

Perhaps the biggest difference between pizzas vs calzones is that while pizzas can be eaten with your hands, calzones typically need to be eaten with a knife and fork.

This is because calzones can be messy once you make that first cut, they are hot, and they are mighty large. 

Introducing Strombolis

As if we couldn’t confuse you any more, we now need to introduce the calzone’s partner, the stromboli. 

A stromboli is more like a rolled-up sandwich than a pizza or calzone, yet it can have similar toppings. The Stromboli was invented in Philly, not Italy, and it is also absolutely delicious.

If you are looking for more of a meal, we suggest a calzone or a pizza, yet strombolis have a delicious crust that must be tried. 

How to Order a Calzone

While the calzone may seem like a folded-over pizza, it is much more than that. When looking to order a calzone, make sure you order from a restaurant that knows the ins and outs of calzone creations.

At Proper pizza and pasta, calzones are part of our heritage, so thanks to family recipes, we know how to do them right!

Try Your First Calzone Today!

Ready to solve the debate between calzone vs pizza? The best way to solve this is to order the same toppings, in both a calzone and a pizza. This way, you can really get the difference and benefits of each.

Ready to order? Fill out our online order form, and we will deliver right away!  

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